We made Contact.

  09/05/2001 5:55:55 PM MDT Albuquerque, Nm
  By Dustin D. Brand; Owner AMO

We made contact - with aliens that is - this time they responded.

  It all started in 1974, before SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) was even formed (1984), but at the beginning of the Arecibo project. At this time, upgrading the Arecibo station in the US Territory of Puerto Rico was done with the help of Frank Drake and Carl Sagan.

  The Arecibo radio telescope dish to the left is the largest in the world. The first pulsar in a binary system was discovered in 1974 using Arecibo, leading to important confirmation of Einstein's theory of general relativity and a Nobel Prize for astronomers Russell Hulse and Joseph Taylor in 1993.

  The most interesting experiment in 1974 with Arecibo however was it's 3 Terawatt narrowband transmission of a "human template" in the direction of the M13 globular star cluster which consists of 300,000 stars and is in the constellation of Hercules.

  The human template transmission was made originally by Frank Drake and with great cooperation from Carl Sagan, whos book, later translated into the movie "Contact" was loosely based. The name of Carl Sagan to this date reminds many of "Contact" and it only seems fitting he was part of the November 16th, 1974 human template transmission from Arecibo. The journey of the human template message from Arecibo would take 22,800 light years to reach Messier 13. It took a tiny fraction of that to receive a reply however.

  The human template, originally sent in 1974 by Arecibo is shown to the right. With the help of Richard C. Hoagland, in 1971 templates were added to United States spacecraft, but the human template transmission in 1974 was sent at the speed of light and in binary form. The blank space in the image represents a binary 0 and the solid blocks represent binary 1's.

  The Arecibo message included, among other things, the binary equivalant of the numbers 1-10 showing a "base of 10" identifing our math system and a way to decipher the message. Below these numbers identified the most common atomic numbers in life that we knew at that time. We transmitted our atomic numbers for Hydrogen, Carbon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Phosphorus. We didn't stop there and added the molecular formulas for our human DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid).

  In 1974, we knew the estimated number of nucleotides in our DNA, and we transmitted those as well and you can also see our "Double Helix" DNA Strand. We also sent, as the human race, our average height, and a rough proportional representation of our bodies. The population of our planet earth, which in 1974 was estimated as 4.29 Billion Humans was also transmitted. For the source of the transmission, planet Earth, Arecibo, we sent our solar system identifing the third planet from the Sun - Earth - just under our feet. Also with the source was the Arecibo Telescope, with it's diameter.

  Expecting the transmission to take 22,800 Light Years might have been an exageration when, in reality it may reach life much earlier. In fact, the transmission has now traveled nearly 27 light years from Earth (156 trillion + miles) - towards M13, and has passed the distance of the closest star from our Sun which is 4.3 light years away. It takes only approximately 1 minute to reach Mars travelling at light speed for perspective, or 1.23 seconds to reach the moon.

  Einstein as we all know has been extremely important to Science. The unexpected coorelation between Einstein and Arecibo in 1974 is evident as a Nobel prize was awarded due to Arecibo discovery of the Puslar in a "Binary system" and the astronomers helping to prove his Theory of General Releativity. It is a basic postulate of the theory of relativity that the speed of light is constant. Einstein even intensified all the "time travel" talk amongst scientists. Conicidence about Einsteins' connection to the 1974 Arecibo transmission? There is no such thing as a coincidence. It would take 22,800 light years at the speed of light to reach M13, yet we have crop formations 1 year apart at almost 26 years and almost 27, a factored difference of more than 1,000. In 1916 Einstein published his expanded General/Special Theory of Reletivity to include gravitation as a determiner of the curvature of a space-time continuum - time travel.

  Many changes in 1974 to the Arecibo transmitter were made, enabling it to broadcast signals at a power of 20 terawatts. (1 Terawatt = 1 Trillion Watts) or more power than all the power outlets in the world at the time combined. The human template message marks the completion of such upgrades and the excitement of the achievement.

  The Arecibo Human Template message was transmitted on November 16th, 1974 and consisted of 1,679 pulses of binary code (0's and 1's). The transmission lasted a little under three mintues (167.9 seconds) and was completed by modulating the frequency back and forth by about 10Hz (or 10 bits per second). The Arecibo Human Template was transmitted on a frequency of 2,388 MegaHertz which is significant. Arecibo is capable of the range between 1,000-3,000 MHz. 1,679 digits in the transmission are extremely important because 1679 is the result of 2 prime numbers, 23 and 73 or 23*73. Since math is about as universal of a language as we can determine, the binary code was seperated into a matrix of 23x73 columns or squares creating the "template" or "grid".

  In order to create measurement, the 2,388 MHz the message was transmitted on needed to be calculated into a unit wavelength. Since 1,000 Megahertz has a unit wavelength of 300 mm, or 12 inches, 2,388 Megahertz has a unit wavelength of 12.6 centimeters. The higher the frequency, the smaller apart the wavelength and thus the smaller the unit wavelength. This measurement was used to accurately describe the height of the human (14 binary * 12.6) = 5' 9.5", and the diameter of Arecibo = 1004.52'.

  I have seen many interpretations and reproductions of the original Arecibo Human Template Message sent in 1974 on ArtBell.com, earthfiles.com, and even parts of SETI - these are False in their indication of the human DNA nucleotides binary number and their actual binary conversion values. Frank Drake, and NASA both provided me with the actual human template transmission, and as indicated in my grid creation above, this is a correct reproduction of the original message sent from Arecibo. The proper binary conversions I have done with my background in Computer Science as a Software Engineer.

  Interestingly enough, the original 1974 Arecibo message was again sent towards the cosmos 3 more times about 60 light years distant by Encounter 2001. This was part of the Cosmic Call project and was lead by the commercially based company in Houston, Texas. The original Arecibo 1974 message was sent again twice on June 30 - and once on July 1st of 1999. The targets of the re-transmission of the Arecibo message were 3 nearby stars (HD 178428, HD 190406, HD 190360) and was transmitted by the 70 meter radio telescope at Evpatoriya, in the Ukraine. The re-transmission however were not on the Original 2388MHz which was part of decoding the original Transmission. Encounter 2001 purchased the use of the time at the Evpatoriya Deep Space Center (EDSC) radio telescope for $35,000. The Evpatoriya, Ukraine telescope is actually much closer in proportion to the Chilbolton Telescope, and also closer to Chilbolton than Puerto Rico/Arecibo. We received our Arecibo reply in Chilbolton at the Radio Telescope in the wheat field.

  During my extensive research into understanding this alien contact, time kept jumping out at me. Time was extremely important to deciphering the Arecibo crop formation responses.

  Einstein taught us well with his now proven Theory of Relativity.

Chilbolton Radio Telescope, England August 14th, 2001   Chilbolton, England Evening of August 13, 2001, and evening of August 18 or 19th
  The transmission was received in the form of 2 crop glyphs next ot the Chilbolton Radio Telescope run by the British Government in England. I'll refer to the Alien "Glyph" as the Alien Template because of it's proportional match to the original Arecibo Transmission and it's "stamp" in the wheat feild indicating a bevel around the edges. In the lower left you see the "Alien Template", and to the upper right you see the face.

  Thanks to Steve Alexander of Crop Circle Connector for the wonderful and original aerial photographs and his permission to use his photos here.

  Going back in time exactly one year - remember no coincidence exists, we find another message next to the Chilbolton Telescope, and in the same spot as the current alien template. Copyright 2000 Peter Sorenson; August 14th 2000

  Remember how I mentioned time kept jumping up on me? The current 2001 "Alien Template" contains the year 2000 crop formation to the left as the form of communication in the template comparison below in the exact same position in the template as the Arecibo telescope appeared in the original Arecibo transmission..

  Notice the original 1974 Arecibo human template, along with the August 13/14 2001 Alien Template and Face messages, as well as the previous August 13/14, 2000 Chilbolton, England - all side by side.

  The similarities are striking. The information contained within these messages is exciting. Let me focus for the sceptics.

  Let there be no confusion that these "crop formations", glyphs, or templates are indeed created by Aliens - Extraterrestrial Life. I will go on to offer compelling proof to this degree, but to begin lets focus on the timing.

  Humans can indeed make crop circles, and there is no denying this.
What humans currently can't demostrate the ability to do are the following:
#1: Modify the chemical/molecular structure of the crops like those consistent with what we'll call "authentic crop formation phenomena".
#2: Leave no human evidence in the crop; IE: not breaking it and leaving footsteps, paths, etc.
#3: Create massive and complex crop circles/formations in seconds or minutes as has been evidenced by eyewitness accounts and video recordings.

  Crop "Circle" makers, most well known for their commercialism of making them, have even come forward and responded in awe of these recent formations. Ask the "Crop Circle Makers" if THEY think all crop formations are human made, and then ask them why THEY make them. Sceptics, prepare to be surprised.

  Lets deal with facts regarding the Chilbolton formations. An observer must remain open to discovery or shall not discover anything.

  Timing. The August 13/14 of 2000 Chilbolton formation appears as the "Alien Communication Device" 1 year later in the "Alien Template".

  The face. Have you ever heard of the "Face on Mars"? Richard C. Hoagland is the man behind driving the "Face on Mars" into common knowledge - we owe him this. Richard had a Blur done on the face which appeared next to the "Alien Template" on the same wheat field. I also did a blur, but of higher quality.

  The face jumps out at you because of it's complexity and design to be viewed from above, like all crop formations. This face glyph has a twist however as the wheat is swirled and "stitched" together in order to make dot pitch. This same technology is used in newspapers, and all 2D images including photographs.

  The Face according to workers at the Chilbolton Telescope appeared on the night of August 13 and was noticed the next day, alone in the field. The following week, Chilbolton workers returned and noticed the Alien Template also in the same wheat field. The Alien template was reported however on Sunday August 19th, that is we now estimate it too appeared in the evening, but on the night of August 18th, 2001.

On August 13th and 18th, 2001 a transmission took place, and on the 14th and 19th of August 2001 the transmissions were received with great awe. Oddly enough, exactly 1 year to the day, in the received messages current place was another message, or crop formation.

00000000001010101000000 00100000001010000010100 01001101001000100010001 00100100101010101010101 00000000000000000000000 00000000111000000000000 00000000110110000000000 00000000110110000000000 00000000100101000000000 00000000111111000000000 00000000000000000000000 00011000011000111000011 00001001100000000000001 01011000011000110001011 11111011111011111011111 00000000000000000000000 01000000000000000001000 00000000000000000000000 10000000000000000010000 11111000000000000011111 00000000000000000000000 00011000111000011000011 00001000000000100000001 01011001110001100001011 11111011111011111011111 00000000000000000000000 01000000000110000001000 00000000000110000000000 10000000000110000010000 11111000000110000011111 00000000000110000000000 00011000000100000000100 00000110000110000001000 00000001100110000110000 00000110000100011000000 00011000000110000000000 01100000000100011000000 00011000000110000110000 00000110000110000001000 00000001100110000000100 00000110000110000000010 00011000000100000000010 01100000000010000000100 00011000000000000001000 00000110000111000110010 00000001101111101000010 00000000001111100000010 00000000001010100000010 11111010000111000000000 11110100000010000010001 10101100000111000000000 01111100001010100000010 11011100000010000000010 00101100000101000000010 00000000010000000000000 00000000101010100000110 10101010010000001010110 00001010000000000000000 00000000000000000000000 00010010000000001001000 00001100000000000110000 01001100011111000110010 00110010100000101001100 00110110000000011001100 01001110100100101110010 00000000101010100000000 01001110100100101110010 00110011000000011001100 00110010100000101001100 01001100011111000110010 00001100000000000110000 00010000001011000001000 10000001001110100000001
  I have spent the last few weeks researching these formations long and hard. I have reached a single conclusion, we have indeed been sent messages by alien or extraterrestrial life.

  I created the "Alien Template" to the left from scratch, and placed the pieces into the puzzle so to say. After doing this, many facts are evident. The actual binary code of the alien template message is also side by side the alien template image.

"Arecibo Alien Template - Chilbolton Telescope, August 18/19 2001"

#1. Consistent placement of binary code on the 23/73 template grid.
Center of "alien" head is identical to human template following # of DNA Nucleotides / Base-Pairs Marker gridpoint.

Non impacting change of visual "right dna helix" lessened two "1" binary codes in order to fit alien head within 23/73 scope and be consistent.

Alien Height bars move 1 grid to the right, and 1 grid up, again in order to fit alien head into grid and be consistent in crucial data. Top of alien head moves 1 grid up compared to human head.

Alien Height binary code = decimal 8 and is consistently placed in grid 23, just like the human template. Visual Height bars remain the same size and are simply moved 1 grid up and 1 grid right. This leaves 1 extra row below for alien communication device which is a visual match to the August 13/14, 2000 Chilbolton message - "they" made room for this and didn't impact the data by slightly rearranging certain grid rows and columns but remaining consistent with the essential binary data.

Alien feet consistently match bottom of height bars which is an identical grid placement as the human template.

Another grid row is gained for the Alien Communication device by making the planets slightly smaller, and still remaining consistent in the visual/size representation. We are told here to focus on Earth, Mars (under their feet, direct connection to Mars here), and the moons of Jupiter (also known as the Galilean Satellites - Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto) . It's 2001, and I want to hear what Arthur C. Clarke thinks of this data, after all he wrote 2001 and 2010 "Space Odyssey" which focuses on - the Io moon of Jupiter. The alien Sun grid point is moved 1 grid point right and is consistent with the same x grid as the alien height bars, indentical to how the Sun lines up with the human height bars in the Original Arecibo Template.

There are now +2 rows for the Alien Communication device while still remaining consistent with the essential data. Planet 4 (Mars) from the Sun is also consistently placed 1 grid down from the center of the Alien Body, like Earth was in the human template.

Alien Communication Device width binary value is consistently placed in the center of device, that is the alien communication device width or diameter fits in the center while the binary marker end point is moved 2 grid points left making it only 1 grid point larger than the original Arecibo Human Template. This binary marker grid endpoint change allows for a larger binary value for the width of the Alien Communication Device compared to the Arecibo Telescope. I have shown these binary endpoints in red below in a side by side template comparison.

#2. Alien Communication Device.
365 days prior to the Chilbolton August 13/14 2001 face message, the alien communication device appeared in the exact same location as the August 18/19 alien template. The Aug 13/14 2000 Chilbolton message was placed in the "Arecibo" area on the alien template. Great care was made to be consistent with the essential data, and to fit the alien communication device into the 23/73 grid without eliminating any essential data. "They" made sure they could appropriately fit and communicate their "communication device" message in it's proper place without nullifying any essential data. The alien communication device width has been expanded by 1 binary grid left expanding the region of the binary->decimal digit accomidating a larger number demonstrating their device is much - much larger in relation to Arecibo (Twice the size of the Arecibo Telescope).

In example: The original Arecibo message left space for 12 binary numbers in the Arecibo width according to our placement of the "marker" block (red endpoint). This made the total possible size of Arecibo 4095 from all 1's converted to decimal and then on to our meters and feet.

The Alien Communication device is larger and thus the "marker" block was moved to the left 1 binary block. This leaves a possible total binary->decimal # of 16383. The actual alien communication device width is binary->decimal 6748 proving it needed the extra binary space to accomidate the width.

The right and left arrow visual block markers have also been moved to the far right and far left of the grid at grid positions 1/73 and 23/73, also in order to "point" out "we" did this for a reason. These Binary Alien Communication Device Width/Diameter placements place the data in the exact center points of the 23/73 grid. This also shows consistency without altering essential data.

#3. The Einstein connection.

I want to introduce how Einstein is connected to this message. In 1974 Arecibo found a pulsar in a Binary system and this further helped to prove Einsteins 1916 Theory of Relativity. 2 astronomers won a nobel prize in 1993 regarding this. Einstein's theory of relativity of course involved the postulate of the speed of light remaining constant. Einsteins' theory also involved/introduced what Einstein called space-time. The Alien Communication device appearing in the same place about 365 earth days prior, and the effort shown to keep the August 18/19 2001 "alien template glyph" consistent to the one sent from Arecibo while fitting this Alien Communication device where Arecibo was demostrates a further message. Studying the 22,800 light years needed to reach M13 while remaining focused on when the response message was actually received here brings more data to the forefront. Again, in August of 2000 at Chilbolton, the alien communication device was received in detail.

This equals roughly 25.75 light years on August 13/14, 2000 for the Arecibo message towards Messier 13. During my research on M13, I uncovered some interesting facts, and a quote.
"Every passing hour brings the Solar System forty-three thousand miles closer to Globular Cluster M13 in Hercules -- and still there are some misfits who insist that there is no such thing as progress." --Kurt Vonnegut, The Sirens of Titan.

Messier 13 is currently listed on NASA as 22,800 Light Years. 50,000, 26,000, and 25,000 have been reported elsewhere, and this would indicate 2 things. The Hubble Space Telescope and other advances in technology have produced better results in measuring the distance of M13, or, M13 is in fact getting closer to our Solar System.

Now at the time of the August 18/19 2001 Chilbolton message, the original Arecibo message would be 26.75 light years traveled from earth, but one can logically calculate that since the 25.75 light year "alien communication" device is included in the message, the message was received at least by 25+- Light Years from earth, and given light speed, 12.875 Light Years if you compensate the round-trip time. If the exact distance of Messier 13 is changing each year, and indeed getting closer to us, then this time fact jumps out even more and becomes even more prevalent. Whatever the case, Messier 13 isn't located in Space where we sent the message - but because of it's light year width, the Arecibo message would reach a part Messier 13. The connection here is the curvature of space-time and it is quite evident.

We also know that the original Arecibo message from 1974 was retransmitted from a Telescope Similar to Chilbolton in Evaptoriya, Ukraine. This retransmission of the original Arecibo message was made on June 30-July 1st, 1999, and wasn't sent towards Messier 13, but 3 close stars to Earth. This is also close to the 1 year mark of August 13, 2000 which is when the "Alien Communication Device" appeared in the wheat field next to the Chilbolton Telescope. Whatever the reason, space time just can't stop jumping out at me.

A further Einstein connection is made with Jupiter. Jupiter is the 5th planet in our solar system, and something the aliens have deliberatly drawn our attention to by way of it's Galilean Satellites. The connection deals with the rotation speed of Jupiter's magnetic field, in which the particles are moving at near relativistic speeds. While this isn't like a pulsar or a neutron star, other similarities are evident. Both pulsars and Jupiter have tilted dipole magnetic fields. The near relativistic speed of particles around Jupiters magnetic field are directly linked to Jupiters synchrotron radiation. Yet another interesting Einstein Relativity "space-time" link to the Alien Template at the Chilbolton Radio Telescope.

  Interesting Fact: Pioneer 11 swung past Jupiter on December 4, 1974, shortly after the November 16, 1974 Original Arecibo Transmission. Both Pioneer 10 and 11 had Human Templates so to say on board.

Convert Binary:

-> TO Decimal:
  Just above you can see a Binary-> Decimal conversion algorithm I programmed. You may use this to follow my math below.

  In the image to the left I have colored the "marker" blocks red for both the original Arecibo transmission (right) and the Alien Template left. The green blocks indicate other markers used to specify the other grid areas of data. The green marker blocks are used to indicate reading the binary from top to bottom and then right to left of green marker. The red marker blocks dictate in what direction the binary data conversion goes.
 Arecibo 23/73 Template Grid red marker endpoint blocks:
The red endpoint grid markers dictate to read the binary data in the direction of the endpoint. Binary data is read from beginning binary "1" block towards red end point block. Binary data needs a beginning and an endpoint. All Binary data begins with a 1 and not a 0.
  We'll start simply by comparing the human population grid (to the left of the human body) to that of the alien population grid. In both templates, a filled in grid indicates binary 1 and a blank grid indicates binary 0. Remember we're dealing with x/y or 23/73 for both grids.

  In the Human population grid, we are told to read from left to right and bottom to top because the grid marker is on the right/top of the grid data.
  Human Population Grid 5/59 - 6/54 (end point = 7/54, starts at 5/59): So above we would input (from left to right starting at the 5/59 grid point) 11-111111-110111-111011-111111-110110 We stop counting binary data when we hit the endpoint 7/59. The binary number 11111111110111111011111111110110 is converted to decimal above as 4,292,853,750 or est 4.29 Billion in human Population in 1974. This number is accurate with both the US Census and United Nations Data.

  Reading the same human population number incorrectly, that is ignoring the marker grid block by starting to read from right to left results in the decimal 1,878,916,095 which is incorrect. So you can start to see why grid placement and these binary endpoint markers are so important to the resulting binary->decimal value.

  Alien Population Grid (left) 3/59 - 6/54 (end point = 7/54, starts at 3/59):
  1011-110111-011111-101011-111101-111110 The binary number 1011110111011111101011111101111110 is converted to decimal as 12,742,213,502 or 12.74 Billion in "alien template" population in 2001.

  Why the Alien Population grid equals what it equals.
  Grid location coorespondence - x/y 23/73 - Grid location 2 | 59 cooresponds to 2 | 56 - Grid location 4 | 56 cooresponds to 4 | 59 according to the Aerial and ground photographs of the alien template. Furthermore, we use the red marker which tells us to start binary conversion from left to right, bottom to top, and do this the exact same way as with human population.

  In these grid creations I have made using the Aerial and ground Photographs taken of the Chilbolton Alien Template, we can start to see very significant changes and signs of intelligence.

  Atomic Numbers Grid - The atomic number for Silicon (14) is inserted in it's correct position in the list of atomic numbers for life, just before Phosphorus (15). This is an indication of intelligence and knowledge of the human peridoic table.

  Molecular DNA Structure - The formulaes for the molecular structure that make up every single DNA strand remain identical to the human template, with one exception. In Alien DNA, the Phosphate->Deoxyribose (Sugar) Hydrogen Bond is replaced with a Silicon Oxygen 4 (Tetrahedron) -> Deoxyribose (Sugar) Hydrogen Bond. This is directly connected to the Aliens inserting Silicon in it's proper place in the Atomic Numbers Grid. This indicates knowledge of the Deoxyribonucleic Acid strand, and the basic fundamental properties of life on earth. The exact formulas for the molecular DNA structure that form each link in a DNA strand are as follows. Deoxyribose C5OH7; Adenine C5H4N5; Thymine C5H5N2O2; Phosphate P04 (in Human DNA) - Silicon Oxygen SiO4 (in Alien DNA); Cytosine C4H4N3O; and Guanine C5H4N5O. The molecular structure of the DNA is demonstrated by the repeating pattern of DeoxyRibose and Phosphate (a Nucleotide) or Silicon Oxygen 4 on both the right and left hand sides of the templates. The Molecular DNA Bases each form a NucleoSide with the Deoxyribose, and then a Base Pair with each adjacent Base. The Alien DNA change is evident in the Binary->Decimal conversion of the Alien DNA Data, which = 4,294,966,110 DNA Sequences or links or base pairs. This is a + 524,288 from the human DNA number which is 4,294,441,822. The human genome project currently estimates 3.5 Billion Base Pairs or links in human DNA. This is an interesting fact because in 1974, and according to Frank Drake and quotes by Carl Sagan, we sent our human DNA base pairs number indeed as about 4 billion - NOT 3 billion. Again, in the Alien DNA, this number actually increases from 4.2944 Billion which we sent to 4.2949 Billion. The point is, had we wanted or intended to send our DNA Base Pairs or Nucleotides number as 3.5 Billion, we would have.

  Alien Body Grid Area - The alien body equals 3.30 Feet, or 3 Feet 4 inches which is compared to 5.78 feet for the human or 5 feet 9.5 inches. There are significant changes to the alien body visual representation. We can see the center of Alien Body head is consistently centered using the DNA Nucleotides Number marker block, just as in the human template. However, since the Alien body is smaller, and the head is bigger, the Alien Height grid blocks are moved 1 grid point up and 1 grid point right, while the top of the Alien Head does as well. As we can see, this doesn't effect the Essential Visual data or the essential binary data and leaves 1 extra grid row for the alien communication device. The Alien DNA Helix visual representation to the right is lessened two 1 binary grid points by the alien head in order to fit the alien head into the 23/73 constrainments in it's correct position while remaining consistent with the original Arecibo transmission.

  The resulting changes in these new grid placements effectively leave room for the changes in the Alien Solar System info as well as adding room for the Alien Communication Device. These changes do not effect the essential binary codes as great care was taken to ensure the binary code changes are consistent with our Arecibo Transmission.

  Alien Solar System Changes - In the Alien Solar System info changes, the Sun and planets 6 (Saturn) and 7 (Uranus) are visually made smaller which also leaves 1 extra grid row for the Alien Communication Device which is much larger and more intricate than the Arecibo Visual Representation. These obvious and intricate changes indicate intelligence with care not to nullify essential binary data. Jupiter is replaced as a planet alone to represent it's 4 largest moons while the Earth, and Mars are moved 1 grid up, like we did with Earth in the original Arecibo message. The center of Jupiter is also consistently matching the center of Earth and Mars which makes Jupiter really stand out visually and brings it exactly 1 grid below the alien feet and alien population grid.

  All of these significant and intricate changes in the visual representations are just that, visual - they do not impact the essential binary data. Doing this again indicates intelligence. Since the Alien Communication Device is much more visually complex than the Arecibo telescope, more room was needed to fit it in it's proper consistent place.

  More very significant changes are in the 73 grid. According to the original Arecibo Human Template, the width of the Arecibo could have been a maximum of 4095 in Binary because of it's marker block and it's starting grid point. In the Chilbolton Alien Template, 1 extra grid place is added to accomidate a larger binary number for the width of the Alien Communication Device. This change results in a potential binary value of 16,383. The actual binary data of the width of the Alien Communication device is 6748 proving one extra binary grid was required to define it's size. Another significant visual change is the width arrows for the Alien communication device are moved to grid points 1/73 and 23/73 effectively pointing out another intentional change to the Visual grid placements. The final 1/73 and 23/73 grid placements effectively point out deliberate changes in the visual alien template representations.

  Effectively all of these Visual and Binary Grid placement changes not only point out knowledge of the defined 23/73 primes of 1679, but intentional modification and manipulation of the defined 23/73 matrix without nullifying or eliminating any essential binary data.

Human and Alien Mocleular DNA Structures -
  In the image I have created to the right, I have deciphered in full detail the human and alien dna molecular structures. The green marker blocks and the Atomic Numbers provide the way to decode the binary data values of the molecular formulas for DNA. In the Alien DNA pictured at the top, we have the Atomic Number 14 for Silicon inserted before Atomic Number 15 which is Phosphorus and in the same column in the Arecibo human template.

  In each of the 12 molecular structures, we read from top to bottom and right to left for each green marker block. In the Alien DNA, block 1 is Hydrogen, block 2 is Carbon, Block 3 is Nitrogen, Block 4 is Oxygen, Block 5 is Silicon, and Block 6 is Phosphorus. In the Human DNA, block 5 is Phosphorus. In alien DNA, Silicon Oxygen 4 SiO4, the Tetrahedron, is the bond between each Deoxyribose Sugar. This is compared to our Human DNA in which each Dexyribose is bond to a Phosphate creating the nucleotide.

  The important visual representation of the layout of the DNA moclecular structures are that the molecular DNA structures actually form the building blocks for DNA. The Binary Molecular DNA confirms this with each Deoxyribose having 3 less Hydrogen Atoms in it's formula, effectively indicating the bond to each SiO4 in Alien, and each Phosphate in Humans both above and below as well as the 3rd hydrogen to the DNA Base making the nucleoSides in the center. This effectively shows the complete molecular structure by showing their missing Hydrogen Atoms which actually indicate the Hydrogen Bonds between each molecule and the moculular structure of DNA. This is also evident in the DNA Bases in the center which all have a molecular structure of 1 less Hydrogen Atom showing their Hydrogen Bonds which form the Base Pairs. In the Human DNA, I have shown this in the image by indicating the point of the Hydrogen Bonds.

  You might want to take this time to scroll back up and view the Alien Template side by side the Human Template to view the DNA Helix differences. In the Alien DNA, remember, I discovered the Silicon Oxygen 4 Tetrahedron in the place of the Phosphate in Human DNA, which would allow for the sharp angles the DNA strand takes when twisted on one side, while the other side remains curving like our DNA does. Ask Richard C. Hoagland or any geneticist how important having this SiO4 Tetrahedron is in the Alien DNA. Because the Alien DNA is shown with left and right points with a curve remaining on one part of the twist, the tetrahedron is a molecular structure that can do this.

  I can prove that the above Alien Templates binary grid placements in 23/73 are 100% correct - each of the 1679 blocks is located in it's proper grid point. I can prove this by none other than the original aerial and ground photographs taken by Steve Alexander, Lucy Pringle, Charles Mallett, and others by cross verifying each binary grid placement with it's immediate grid neighbors. Have I been to Chilbolton on the ground next to the wheat? No, but others have and they have taken physical photos (facts) which I used in my research, and perhaps not being there has been better for my research. I defy anyone to prove my data false, and I know I have already proven many many others data false. For my Human Template reproductions, you may ask Frank Drake yourself if I'm correct (I AM). Frank Drake is an original sender and constructor of the Arecibo message and can personally validate my data.

  It has been an enourmous pleasure to decode this Alien Message, and I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I only hope that my contribution to science brings us in fact closer to science and the understanding of this vast Universe we live in, with neighbors closer than they may seem possible. It is purely arrogant and in fact ignorant to believe we are alone here. We are not, and we made contact.

  There has been way too much false data on the Alien Template binary data, and even false Original Arecibo Binary Data floating around. I left my speculation, quite well supported I might add, to what the entire message is saying, with factual binary data in hand. I defy anyone to prove my grid placements incorrect, or any other part of my scientific interpretation of the Alien Template wrong.

  As a Software Engineer, my background is science, math, and computers. It has been my passion for the last 2.5 weeks to understand this contact, which I sincerely think I've proven is indeed contact from extraterrestrials. I only want and desire the truth, and that is all I want for you the reader as well.

       Yours Truly,
       Dustin D. Brand

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Special Thanks:
  Steve Alexander (Aerial Chilbolton 2001 Photographs) | Peter Sorensen (Chilbolton 2000 Aerial)
  Art Bell (For a lot of things)
  Richard C. Hoagland "Face On Mars - Cydonia - Pyramids"
  Frank Drake, Seth Shostak - SETI Institute
  Dr. Yvan Dutil - Astronomer - Encounter 2001 Cosmic Call I (1999 Arecibo Re-Transmission)
  Carl Sagan (Nov 9, 1934 - Dec 20, 1996) - Behind the story and movie Contact - Author of "Cosmos"
  Arthur C. Clarke | Inventor of the communication satellite - Author "2001 Space Odyssey"
  Albert Einstein | Theory of Relativity - Space-Time
  Anyone connected with helping the Crop Circle Connector
  Crop Circle Makers everywhere who know why they do what they do.